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Welcome at MARIA's Section

We are a small family business located on the Sitges beach of La Ribera, right in front of Bonaire street dedicated to the rental of sunbeds, awnings and parasols for more than 100 years. They have been serving bathers here and there for 5 generations. In 1910 our family started working on the beaches of Sitges. Many things have changed since then ..., but the family continues to work every day, summer and winter, so that our clients can find the best quality services in this corner of Sitges and our career is proof of that.

Well, it seems like the time has come that we have been avoiding thinking about it all this summer… Today, Sunday, October 17, 2021 is the time to say goodbye to everyone: first to our customers, many of whom are already good friends! Thank you all so much for joining us over all these years. Thank you for your faithfulness, in the good years and especially in the bad ones, and above all thank you very much for the joy and good times we have shared. We will never forget you. Thank you so much to all the workers who over the years have helped us run this great little family business. You are the best, we have shared good and bad experiences that will always accompany us. We wish you all the best. And last but not least, many thanks to all the colleagues in the profession (the other dealers and workers for sunbeds, bars, water skates, and also lifeguards, beach watchers, the brigade of cleaning, ...) and friends of the beach in general, those people who every morning throughout the summer wish you a "Good morning" from the other end of the beach while walking or saying goodbye until tomorrow while you are washing your feet in the footbath. We will miss you all very MUCH.

There have been 5 generations of "Maries" who have passed through this part of the beach of La Ribera. The end of the concession and the uncertainty in which the current municipal government has makes us think that this is the end of the family lineage of "Sunbeds girls" of Can Jamà. Although we will do whatever is in our hands to stay here next year !! On behalf of each and every one of my ancestors and mine, it has been a pleasure to be able to share all these 111 summers with all of you, we will miss you so much. Good luck and health to everyone !!!